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Aug 08 2011

Cinnamon for Weight Loss?

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Tim Ferriss’s latest book The Four Hour Body draws attention the insulin suppressant capabilities of Cinnamon. Tim recommends dosing your coffee with cinnamon before bingeing on croissant.

In the next 45 minutes, I consumed almost two full-size barbecue chicken pizzas and three handfuls of mixed nuts, for a cumulative total of about 4,400 calories. It was my fourth meal of the day, breakfast having consisted of two glasses of grapefruit juice, a large cup of coffee with cinnamon, two chocolate croissants, and two bear claws. ….

Need to increase insulin sensitivity before bingeing once per week? Just add some cinnamon to your pastries on Saturday morning, and you can get the job done.

Recent research has shown that cinnamon works by regulating glucose levels, and in effect reducing calorific intake. If you have a scientific bent you can read early research on glucose regulation in mice here.

You can get cinnamon (or cassia bark) from your local wholefood store, but be sure to buy fresh. You can also buy 100% pure cinnamon at the HealthSpark store. Each capsule has 400mg